How To Choose The Right Electrician

Electricity, if not handled properly, is dangerous.

When you have an electrical job that needs to be done, we highly recommend that you hire a professional. The easiest way to find a local electrician in your area is to call our hotline that partners with thousands of professional contractors.

The Right Process Of Hiring An Electrician

First an electrician hotline. You will be offered several leads in your area to choose from.
Then, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Describe Your Problem

Be as thorough as possible. This will allow our operator to offer you the contact details of the right professionals for the job at hand.

STEP 2: Request More Than One Electrician’s Contact Details

There are thousands of contractors in each state and most of them serve large areas. Thus, it’s obvious that you should ask for all possible electrician contacts in your area. Will be able to do an initial price comparison before moving forward.

STEP 3: Ask For The License (or Certification) Number

It’s very important that you only work with licensed electricians. A license means that the electrician has gone through the necessary education and passed the exams required by the law.
Electrical training is the longest apprenticeship program. Electricians are though how to safely work with electrical systems as well as local law and codes

STEP 4: How Many Years Of Experience They Have?

Experience is always the best teacher.
Also, an experienced business owner knows the importance of quality customer service and will steer customers away from unnecessary expenses and repairs.

STEP 5: Who’s Doing The Work?

Confirm whether the owner will do the work, or use employees or subcontractors. If the owner isn’t onsite, the employees should be journeyman electricians, not apprentices in training. An apprentice can’t work by himself, he has to be supervised.

If subcontractors are used, homeowners should understand their legal responsibility because subcontractors may not be covered under the contractor’s insurance

STEP 6: Do They Have Insurance?

All contractors you hire should be insured. Ask to see a Certificate of Insurance, then call to verify if the policy is current and carries enough coverage for your project.

STEP 7: Do They Offer Warranty For The Work Done?

Ask whether the parts or labor or both are under warranty and how long that warranty is effective. A good electrician will offer a warranty.


Take all the time you need to ask all of the above questions and request all information necessary.
If our operators can’t offer all the answers, then right down the unanswered questions and ask them to the electricians directly.